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Project for a hotel complex
Chamber of Commerce of Varese
Varese, Italy  2005
The design of the new hotel occupies the whole park of “Ville Ponti”, inside of Varese's city, and suggesting a very functional plan: the idea is to imagine the hotel as a meeting place where mix functions and their distribution create many opportunities for exchanges between the visitors and external users and with the city.
Shops, offices, spa, bars, restaurants are settled on the basement of the park and they taking light from the courts. They are connected by external and internal paths.
Bars, restaurants, conference rooms, fitness centers are located in the top floor, with gardens and the panoramic restaurant.
The new hotel can not be served from the park, its strength connected with it.
The large park is geometrically marked by the entrance axis and by the achitecture of “Ville Ponti”.
The park goes into the hotel complex; the new building is like a place of inside/outside relations whit the park.
This connection is visible from the main entrance, by Castiglioni way, and it cross the entire park.
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varese concorso_immagine01.jpg
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