Urban project for the transformation of the areas of a fuel distributor  Mason Vicentino (VI)2017
Concept design proposal for residential and mixed use  Al Seeb, OMAN2016
Proposed mixed use development ai DUQM_with F&M Ingegneria Spa  Al Wasta Region, Sultanate of Oman2016
Wetland and public spaces on the Brenta river  comune di Cittadella (PD), Italy2014
Covered swimming pool in the Fiera and Selvana district  Treviso, Italy2012
Borgo Cjastelut_The park of living  Orgnano di Basiliano - Udine, Italy2011
Preganziol Masterplan  Preganziol, Treviso2011
Vedelago Masterplan  Vedelago - Treviso, Italy2011
PGT Campodolcino - Studies for an urban and building renewal  Campodolcino - Sondrio, Italy2010
Rho Masterplan  Rho - Milano, Italy2009
Chiavenna Masterplan  Chiavenna, SO, Italy2008
Erba Masterplan  Erba, Como, Italy2008
Preliminary projects for the Piazza of Via Roma  Sarcedo, Vicenza, Italy2008
Daejeon Urban Renaissance  Daejeon, South Korea2007
Dolo and Fiesso d'Artico  Dolo and Fiesso d'Artico, Italy2007
H20 Masterplan Competition  Seoul, South Korea2007
Hotel complex and comercial space  Venice, Italy2007
New policies for the attractiveness of Défense Business Centre_PARIS  Paris, France2007
Competition for public housing  Grumello al Piano, Bergamo, Italy2006
Montebelluna Masterplan  Montebelluna, Italy2006
Reconfiguration of the central area of Malpensata  Erba, Como, Italy2006
Three houses  Olgiate Comasco, Como, Italy2006
Uggiate Trevano Masterplan  Uggiate Trevano, Italy2006
Planning of residential subdivision  Crotone, Italy2005
Point Pleasant Park  Halifax, Canada2005
Preganziol Masterplan  Preganziol, Treviso2005
Project for a hotel complex  Varese, Italy2005
Rosà Masterplan - hierarchy and relations  Rosà, Vicenza, Italy2005
Service station and new accomodation  Mason vicentino Vicenza, Italy2005
Crotone masterplan  Crotone, Italy2004
project and project management  Como, Italy2004
Project for a new residential zone  Como, Italy2004
Extention and reconstruction of a hotel  Crotone, Italy2003
Urban Project of the seafront  Crotone, Italy2003
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