Borgo Cjastelut_The park of living  Orgnano di Basiliano - Udine, Italy2011
Competition for public housing  Grumello al Piano, Bergamo, Italy2006
Covered swimming pool in the Fiera and Selvana district  Treviso, Italy2012
Extention and reconstruction of a hotel  Crotone, Italy2003
Hotel complex and comercial space  Venice, Italy2007
PGT Campodolcino - Studies for an urban and building renewal  Campodolcino - Sondrio, Italy2010
Planning of residential subdivision  Crotone, Italy2005
Project for a hotel complex  Varese, Italy2005
Project for a new residential zone  Como, Italy2004
Service station and new accomodation  Mason vicentino Vicenza, Italy2005
Three houses  Olgiate Comasco, Como, Italy2006
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