Urban project for the transformation of the areas of a fuel distributor
Urban redevelopment along the pedemontana road
Mason Vicentino (VI)  2017
The intervention area is located along a main street (known as "Pedemontana" and called via Braglio in this part) and is divided into two different areas:
- the area in front of the road, occupied by the fuel distributor, by a warehouse and by home. This area is rather degraded;
- the internal area, totally green.

The project defines the unification of the two areas of intervention through:
• the demolition of the current warehouse adjacent to the fuel distributor and the construction of new volumes in the inner area;
• the realization of a central public space (garden and tree-lined square) around which to develop the planned buildings;
• the use of urban typologies and the introduction of a marked functional mix: the ground floor, arranged on linear buildings, is intended for offices and residences (retail trade); The upper floors, organized in three block buildings, are intended for service activities (private offices) and housing;
• the preserve of pedestrian connections and vehicular links with the outside of the intervention area.
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