Chiavenna Masterplan
Urban planning and Strategic Environmental Valuation
Chiavenna, SO, Italy  2008
The assets of a city are represented not only by its historical characteristics, but also by its social background and cultural identity. These are the principle resource for an area to rethink and imagine the future. With this understanding of the value, the hypothesis is that the main feature of Chiavenna will be it’s centrality within a broad system of material and immaterial relations: Chiavenna has a central urban role and the services for the nearby communities of Mese, Prata and Piuro; on the territorial scale Chiavenna is the focus point for Valchiavenna, and on the global scale Chiavenna is at a crossing place of new commercial fluxes, fluxes related to leisure, tourism and culture
The idea was to create new reception conditions; the projected actions are directed towards the adaptation of different spaces within the city to become attractive and welcoming .
In particular the project expects: the transformation of the mountain’s slopes into a large park; the adaptation of the access road further back to enhance the relations with the historical city centre; to construct new spaces and relations with the river that crossed the centre, and to link it to external resources and neighborhoods; to reunite the eastern side and to create the enhancement of the “crotti” and create an ecological corridor from north to south, to regenerate the peripheral areas through new relationships with the stream Liro and reorganize the collective public spaces.
The ideas of the plan are therefore directed towards the enhancement of cultural heritage as a resource to enhance the capacity for innovation and tourism.
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