Hotel complex and comercial space
Private committee
Venice, Italy  2007
The ground in which it’s placed is actually subjected to important processes of transformation of the infrastructure, it is in the system of the big viability that this station is re-identified as metropolitan.
In this context the geography of the area changes, and the project retains a strong focus on spatial scale.
The plans verify the transformation of the area, it will be the centre of one of the most important nodes of national communication, promoting the transformation of a new service centre which is very strategically valid.
The view of the moving area, from cars, will be made more evident from the road, and the elements that compose and characterize it will be a mostly fragmented hybrid landscape; the objective of the project for the new hotel complex is to have a recognizable architectural sign on the ground to clearly indicate the point at which the landscape changes. In a flat, low landscape the vertical height is diffused with the dominant characteristics of the building; it will become a new icon in a metropolitan conurbation.
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