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Service station and new accomodation
Private committee
Mason vicentino Vicenza, Italy  2005
The project area is filled by a petrol station and old warehouses, is near to a new building area and it lookingout on a provincial road.
The plan suggest to setup the petrol station and to realize shops at the ground floor and residential or offices in other 3 floors.

The plan intends to keep the front built along the provincial road, to recognize an inside axis of connection with the new neighbour area, and to harmonize the new architectural buildings with the open space.

The choice of materials as the stone and a different kind of cement (treated, plastered or raw) for the basement highlights the connection to the ground.
The choice of transparent materials (such a glass, fillets of larch wood, twisted steel panels of corten, etc.) is a characteristic of the new buildings above the basement and defines a relationship between the volume of the buildings and the environmental context of the house beyond the main road and with the hills area around.

Comfort and protection of new housing from the road are guaranteed through a flexible system of sliding panels.
Sizing and positioning of the buildings, the design and the role of open spaces and covering elements, the materials choice has been defined to ensure the achievement of objectives prearranged. It makes possible in the same time the realization of the buildings in two different and independent phases.
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