Borgo Cjastelut_The park of living
Project: MOD+DRH; client: Società Agricola "al Castelletto S.r.l." UD
Orgnano di Basiliano - Udine, Italy  2011
The project defines the disposition of the new residential areas, organizing them in two residences, characterized by an open inner garden and some areas for the building of houses surrounded by green.
The connection with the old town centre is assured by a green lane located between the two new areas. Moreover it also maintains a view on the Cjastelut’s park, situated east to the area of the intervent.
An alternative road system to Via Montenero and Via del Fante will bypass the old town centre that will be improved. A cycle and pedestrian trail will connect the main elements of the project.
The intervents will be marked by a better settlement and landscape quality, not only for the green lane, but also for the purpose to connect public and private green so creating a single great park.
The area of intervent is located in a nodal point of a regional scale because of the position of Basiliano, situated between the cities of Udine and Codroipo, and, awaiting the term of the ring road of Udine, served by the main road and rail infrastructure.
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