Planning of residential subdivision
Private committee
Crotone, Italy  2005
The area is around 10,000 meters cubed and is located in a hilly area which is not very urbanized, but in the future will become an urban expansion.
The objective was to keep an area free for a public park that is almost a third of the total area; this has distributed the remaining 80 units within 16 buildings, mostly in rows, which can then be adopted to different areas of land, resulting in very open views despite their concentration in the part of the building. The buildings were studied so that they could go underneath the soil, and thus reducing the volume.
In addition to integration with the trend of soil, the new settlement is characterized by materials that accentuate the sense of openness and integration with the place: in the basement there is a base of yellow stone from Cutro, that will continue to the walls and the fences will attach things to the ground, and it will support a simple, white, volume with a flat roof.
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