Montebelluna Masterplan
First prize preliminary proposal document
Montebelluna, Italy  2006
The attractiveness of Montebelluna is long-term, it precedes the settlement development of Venice and the province of Treviso. the development has taken a large consumption of soil,( from 1961 to today the amount per-capita of agricultural ground has halved): the town is widespread, as are the factories.
There is a necessity to rebalance the relationship between the ground and the constructive environment, to have radical discussions over growth, and the basic political issues concerning the development. There is a strong awareness of the area , with the unwinding model for economic development being based on the exploitation of local resources (network connections, rate of water etc) and the recognition of the new assets which, above all, preserving nature and increasing it is the main focus; they are new themes emerging from the design.
As a result of the issues listed above, the boundaries of the city of Montebello are examples of a need to activate new conditions for the development and reorganization of the urban base through the reduction of the flux of goods and people (it is presupposed that their activities will be dispersed and reduced), under development of goods platforms near the infrastructure, offering an elevated capacity, (for example the axis railway) in the mixite (the overrunning of the separation of activities and functions through use of zoning), the enhancement is compared to the province and region.
The elements that root Montebello on the social scale and at the same time define the rules and specific nature are: the main road of Feltrina with the main focus being territory and protection, the Montello park with elements that hinge on the large ecological network, the regional metropolitan railway system (SFMR) that can enable new types of accessibility and distribution in relation to Montello and the mountainous area.
The urban area, finally, must be thought of as open tissue, crossed by a smaller ecological network, to be completed and consolidated by means of concentration, emptying and reorganization.
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