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Vedelago Masterplan
Urban planning for the city of Vedelago, Valuation of Environmental Strategy
Vedelago - Treviso, Italy  2011
The master plan for Vedelago affronts the idea of a good relationship between the local identity and the respected position in imported resources: the infrastructure (like the Castellane and metropolitan railway surface), the productions, (production zones and working environments for the extraction of drainage), commerce (concentrated to an outlet), the environment (part of the southern territory that belongs to the regional Natural Park of the river Sile), the passages and architectural history (pathway systems of the town and the historical centre).
The historical assets are recognized in the territory, which includes scenarios within the development that are not always classified in subject to restrictions and safeguards. Much like resources for the recognizability of Vedelago’s territory, the definition and value of their role within the system is the settlement of the province of Castellana.
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vedelago PAT_immagine01.jpg
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