Dolo and Fiesso d'Artico
Proposed Preliminary Documents for Intercommunal Masterplan
Dolo and Fiesso d'Artico, Italy  2007
The municipalities of Dolo and Fiesso d’Artico are characterized today by a considerable architectural heritage and environment, formed from the river Brenta with it’s towns and parishes, and a settlement of high dispersion that is typical of this part of Venetian plane.
Major infrastructures that are occurring in this area will create a new era in which the spatial location of the towns becomes more important in comparison to large scale systems.
The access to the river Brenta will be from the motorway between Venice and Milan , and it will be in this node of the new Motorway that goes via Mestre will discuss this area of high concentration of flows of people, as a place that should match the activation of processes of concentration and functional settlement. It is through the identification of ideas of unification, that we can understand the order of the process of attribution of identity rather than the anonymity of dispersion as an action of specialization and defining the role of the Dolo and Fiesso d’Artico in a broader context.
In this sense the location of a central territory such as “Veneto Vity” will be assessed and supported and around which a new landscape of hospitality will be built.
The location of Veneto City is proposed to comply with a set of functions that are included in the reception of a great forest, The Green Sponge: the landscape element on the territory’s scale becomes a part of the physical perceptive recognition of the territory through a large scale infrastructural system, the other determines a new condition of great landscape value in the accessibility to the River Brenta and the reconstruction of the relationships with the settlements: finally, there is an element of control over the consumption of soil that enhances a scarce resource that is non-renewable, addressing the goals of sustainability and responsibility are found today in urban planning and in the areas of dispersion settlements.
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