Extention and reconstruction of a hotel
Private committee
Crotone, Italy  2003
The project will foresee the reorganization and amplification of the existing structure and the construction of a new building to house the hall and reception area, with six double rooms for each floor. The reconstruction on the existing ground floor will also include the plans for the restaurant.

Given the function of the building, particular attention was paid to the relationship between this structure and it’s urban context. More specifically, the project isn’t exclusively about defining a new area and creating more space, but about redefining the relationship between the hotel and it’s context, through the creation of key points to signify the relationship between the external and the internal.

The fence will be 3m high, and will be made with the same materials of the facades of the ground floor on the new building, to create a united base for the internal structure.

The planned block will have a new reception hall to represent the pivotal distribution of the new building and the zone the reconstructed area of the existing building; this link will unite the entrance of the lounge-bar, from which you can then enter the rooms in the eastern area.
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