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Competition for public housing
Creating new buildings for the public housing
Grumello al Piano, Bergamo, Italy  2006
The plan of the new buildings for the public residential houses has been defined by some main standards:
Connection - to set as a priority the role of connection that the project area must develop between urban space of the historical center and rural space of the park.
Transition - to valorize the perception of the agricultural landscape and the elements of continuity inside to the project area.
Relationships - to redefine the formalities of relationship between privite and pubblic spaces, and between built and open spaces.
Sustainability - to satisfy the sizing of the new apartaments offering elevated characteristics of quality and comfort and innovative solutions for the energey recovery and the bioarchitecture.
A comprehensive view of the plan highlight the bioclimate performances of the new buildings that overlooking to a collective and pubblic spaces.
The element that orders the different view of the buildings is the line of the floor slab, while the variety of the sequence empty / full and the non-aligned of such sequence to the different floors imply an homogeneous characteristic of the fronts. The texture is made by the alternation of plastered walls, glass wall, lodges and bioclimate greenhouses.
The level floor and the project of the ground are the main elements that realize the relationships with the open space around: the point of the plan is to connect the new buildings with the historical centre and to the agricoltural park.
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bergamo concorso_immagine01.jpg
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