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Reconfiguration of the central area of Malpensata
Project for the urban reconfiguration
Erba, Como, Italy  2006
The project concerns a new important part of the city that is defined as the New Urban Facilities Ax. The urban ax is developed from railway station to the main urban functions and facilities (schools, Fire and Police stations, Sport’s areas, industrial zones) which is today separated by the centre of the city, re-designing the street called Via Zappa, which runs beside the railway.
The Ax stops in a car park for the access at the “Pian d’Erba”, a natural area that is characterized by an high environmental quality, protected by C.E.E..
The project re-organizes the places of local relations (as social or as morphological) and the extra-local functions from within a unified landscape design.
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erba via zappa_immagine04.jpg
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