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Rosà Masterplan - hierarchy and relations
Plan of Spatial Planning and the Strategic Environmental Assessment
Rosà, Vicenza, Italy  2005
The Master plan of Rosà deals with main thematic questions typical of sprawl settlements and of little venetian towns: the congested urban centre due to vehicular traffic for local and territorial connections, the difficult condition due to the contamination between residential and agricultural uses, the weakening of smaller town’s identity, the need to re-organize the territorial hierarchies and relationships to affirm the value of the main historical, architectural and landscape elements.
The Master plan focuses on three subjects :
- The West Spine: a linear park on which the connections and relations between little settlements are constructed. It is a great open space perceptible in a territorial vision;
- The Urbanization Network: urbanization formed and categorized by a continuous urbanization of the streets and by large open spaces (rural areas or urban facilities) on the back;
- The “facilities system”: which is defined by the crossing frames of public open spaces, focus places, facilities, and equipment for the regeneration of the city centre
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