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Crotone masterplan
New General Plan
Crotone, Italy  2004
The new Masterplan has been given following an international design competition won by the DRH associated office in 2000.
The plan has acknowledged indications of the new Urbanistic Law of Calabria Region and it includes two tools: a Structural Plan (Piano Strutturale) and a Operative Plan (Piano Operativo).

The Plan is a "designed plan" or a "project plan". This characterization of the plan made possible to settle the feasibility of the future scenarios and it has allowed the Local Government to benefit by national regional, and local financing (Urban I/II European Programs), Government investments (STU, society of urban transformation). It has already provided to plan the open spaces in the city (Green and open spaces's Plan, benefit by Urban Governament) and to advertise a project competitions for strategic places in the city (waterfront, Pitagora's park, etc..).
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