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Urban Project of the seafront
Competition organised by the town of Crotone - 1st Prize
Crotone, Italy  2003
The South Waterfront is a borderline between the environmental and settlements system, the coastal and the “calanchifera” area, both very unstable and subject to violent weather events and environmental destruction.
The main aim of the project is to connect and not separate these two different areas; along the seaboard were identified differents elements of connection. They are positioned at the “calanchiferi” impluvium, so as to emphasize the geomorphological structure of the land and bring it within the project.
The new seaboard is also integrated with the other places that mark this important part of the territory, mainly the cemetery area, the city centre and the water park.
The area differs formally and functionally into two parts: in the first section, marked by the beach, there is the project for a pedestrian and cycle path and for upgrading the beach through new paths and equipment, making the waterfront a succession of places and spaces made by points of attraction. The second part of the seaboard is characterized by the presence of beaches that affect its relationship with the coast: the project focuses on road space.
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KRlungomare_immagini 1.jpg
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