Wetland and public spaces on the Brenta river
sustainable interventions for the regeneration of a public space
comune di Cittadella (PD), Italy  2014
The project calls for redevelopment of an area near the village of Santa Croce Bigolina, mail within the floodplain and used in spare time by the entire local community.
The work is a feasibility study to focus on the possible criteria for intervention; it's also finalized to re-analyze the main elements, not only physical elements , belonging to the materiality of the area, to how it is made and used etc., but also relational elements, belonging to the role that the project area can play in a network of relationships most enlarged.
In this sense the place on the river of Santa Croce Bigolina was immediately interpreted as ATRIUM of Brenta river, the nodal point for activities related to leisure and to recreation, to socializing, to sport, to knowledge of the area and its peculiarities, especially from the point of view of nature and landscape.
Project proposals are defined in terms of quantity and quality with the scope to realize of independent parts of the several possible interventions and a first estimate of the corresponding costs.
In this way, the Municipal Administration is equipped with a means by which to know the value of this interventions and try to find instruments and funding for a place's enhancement ever more friendly and respectful of the environmental features of the context.
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