New policies for the attractiveness of Défense Business Centre_PARIS
EPAD, Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de La Défense
Paris, France  2007
New policies for the attractiveness of the Défense neighborhood: The human resources and the centrality fluxes
Flux is an intervention concept for the Business District of La Défense developed by two main ideas :
1. La Défense is a place with strong concentration of material and non material fluxes of people, ideas, creativity and innovation.
2. Only the capacity to attract and maintain human resources will allow the Business District of la Défense to compete within the global competition between the business districts of the world.
Based on these main ideas, the action plan for the Défense urban stance has four concepts:
a) Adaptation of the Defense in order to build an open, tolerant and cosmopolitan space. This requires three main actions:
1)The introduction of high levels of social, functional and economic mixitè;
2)The redefinition of the Dalle urban project, (which is actually unfinished) through a series of urban sequences (graftes or “greffes”) to define the relationship with the surrounding area and understand the different fluxes;
2)To reinforce the reception capacity associated with life and environmental qualities.

b) Increasing the value of the advantages set by the Defense urban stance, linking the main center with Paris.This requires the following actions:
1)Growth of real estate and renewal of the Défense border with Paris, considering that actually the majority of the buildings are concentrated close to the Grande Arch. Is necessary to regenerate the old buildings and build new ones in the Seine area.
2) Reinforcement of the infrastructural relations with Paris: the Seine has to assume the main role in public and goods transportation. It is also necessary to create alternative transport routes between the Business District and the city center.

c) Characterising the Défense as an entry place, as the hall of Paris along the Ille de France. Actually Paris QCA and the Défense turn their backs to the Seine, which can be modified by making the Seine a bridging place between Paris and the Ille the France. This transformation needs the following actions:
1)To turn the Defense into a hub between Paris and the Ille de France;
2)To choose the Seine Arch as place for the settlement of strategic function and of new infrastructural knots.

d) Managing all the governing and marketing strategies in order to improve the reception capacity and reinforce and catalyze fluxes. Is necessary to consider the territory of Paris QCA – Défense – Seine Arche as a whole strategic territory with the capacity to influence the entire Ille de France. The actions to develop are:
1) To define an EPAD with a new role as a promoter of innovation and experimentation of new governance and managing forms;
2) To develop and promote services to companies in a united and coordinated way, within the whole strategic territory of Paris QCA – Seine Arch.
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