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Point Pleasant Park
International design competition “Point Pleasant Park”
Halifax, Canada  2005
Recent events concerning Point Pleasant Park (“the Park”) now provide a unique opportunity to reflect upon its role and the relationship between the Park and the city of Halifax. In particular, the damage rendered by Hurricane Juan challenges the prevailing view that the Park maintain its identity as a predominantly natural place following its own cycle of regeneration constrained, however, by the impact of those who use and care for the Park.
The objective is:
- to integrate a process of reconstruction, at least partially, of the Park’s forest and its integrated ecosystems over an accelerated timetable;
- to redefine the structure and function of the Park in relation to the: physical aspects of the city and wider peripheral aspects and elements; multitude and variety of uses; wide range of links, connections, meanings and significance to its previous, current and future users and stakeholders.
Our approach to Park renewal is to reconnect the Park and the city of Halifax within the context of a wider redefined geographical area and a subsequent redefinition of the boundaries between natural and artificial. The core idea is to invert the original lay-out of the Park, creating a central spine, which will refocus and reinforce the Park’s centre, which links the Park with the city, the other parks of Halifax, the harbour, the heliport, the airport and the city’s wider periphery.
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