Preliminary projects for the Piazza of Via Roma
Municipal administration of Sarcedo
Sarcedo, Vicenza, Italy  2008
The area under study has a clear central position compared to a rich system of public services and collective presences in the upper part of the municipality of Sarcedo. On the other hand, thanks to the its relief, the area is in a strategic position, as a point of access from the valley to the hilly areas above.
The project for the accommodation of the square will foresee a spatial reconfiguration of the areas at the edge, to create a hospitable environment and to elevate it’s spatial quality. The prevalent characteristic of the area is the slope of the soil, and is taken as an opportunity to redefine the space and define a uniform and coherent design of the soil: the project consists mainly of a plan of the soil that enables the public to think of the whole area as a unique public space. The hierarchy of the use of the spaces will be defined by the use of varieties of the same materials: cutting and layering of the corners in the floor allow it to define different uses of the public space.
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