Covered swimming pool in the Fiera and Selvana district  Treviso, Italy2012
Borgo Cjastelut_The park of living  Orgnano di Basiliano - Udine, Italy2011
PGT Campodolcino - Studies for an urban and building renewal  Campodolcino - Sondrio, Italy2010
Hotel complex and comercial space  Venice, Italy2007
Competition for public housing  Grumello al Piano, Bergamo, Italy2006
Three houses  Olgiate Comasco, Como, Italy2006
Planning of residential subdivision  Crotone, Italy2005
Project for a hotel complex  Varese, Italy2005
Service station and new accomodation  Mason vicentino Vicenza, Italy2005
Project for a new residential zone  Como, Italy2004
Extention and reconstruction of a hotel  Crotone, Italy2003
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